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Slave Records

Graham Slave Records presents excerpts from an authentic, antebellum slaveholder's receipt book, spanning thirty-eight years from 1824 through 1862.  Starting with the beginning of their sale, each slave's life was described on one page by their new master.  The entries were listed yearly and comprised of one or two fragmented sentences which highlighted the slave's overall activities.  Information included:

             -   Name and age of slave                                                            -   Marriage and name of spouse

             -   Date of purchase and amount paid                                       -   Names and date of children born

             -   Previous slaveholder                                                                -   Health status

             -   Additional slaves purchased                                                   -   Travel

             -   job assignments, locations and hiring persons                   -   Death, sale or ran away

A section of the slave index appears below.  On the right is a photo image and to the left is a typed transcription.  


Slave Index



Moses           1                 Polk          48

Judy              2                Martha     49

Fanny         3-57                  ​Creed        50                 

Creed           4​                 Elizabeth  51

Eliza            5                 Mary         52

Wash           6                 Susan        53

John A.         7                 Henry C   54

William      10                 George      54

      Edy        11

Matilda       12

Monroe       13-70           Jinny Lind 55


Photo Image of Slave Index




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