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Graham Slave Records

An authentic slaveholder's antebellum receipt book containing an account book and slave records.  

Slave names appear as a sub-heading under the SLAVES menu.

Select a name to view their record entry.

Excerpts from these records were spelled and typed as they appear in the record book.


The rare find of an antebellum slaveholder's slave record book is presented through Graham Slave Records.  In my genealogical pursuit to document slaves in my family, I have not been fortunate to locate a slave record book containing detailed information about their lives.  Vital documentation would describe and validate the slave's existence, their family, character, death, health status, occupation, previous slaveholder, purchase, skill and travels.  The Graham Slave Records' authentic, handwritten chronicle personalizes Graham slaves by registering their names, describing limbs with skills, and identifying beloved family units.  One can begin now to create their faces with character and their souls with human nature.


This website presents the lives of only a few of more than a hundred slaves held in bondage by Daniel Graham. From Graham's entries, a slave’s life is visualized and personalized.  This website's objective:  To ispire researchers to locate proof of a slave’s existence and challenge researchers to create and share human aspectsof slave life by personalizing their being.


It is delightful to share and personalize the life stories of slaves through this website and by performing live, interpretative presentations. 


Konnetta Alexander

Transcriber and Presenter

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